12Weather Report October 30th-November 5th

Monday- The winds of success are gusting through today. This is a great day to start a new project, apply for your dream job or even try something new. The energy today is ripe for your triumph.


Tuesday- A low band of flat energy moves through today bringing with it boredom and apathy. You may find that you have to force yourself to throw that Halloween costume on or go to that party.


Wednesday- The energy continues to be quite low and flat today, and you may not feel like you have the energy to push very hard. This is a good day to dedicate some time to your own rest without any judgement on yourself. Did someone say Netflix?


Thursday- This is the last day that we will see this low band of energy and you are starting to feel impatient. You may feel a bit nervous about the fact that you have very little energy to get anything accomplished. Use this as one last day to rest and rejuvenate as it is the last one you will have for a while.


Friday- The sun is shining bright with creative energy today. You finally have your groove back and you are likely feeling the need to throw your energy into something with passion and excitement.


Saturday- You may feel like the ground under you is shaking and that can throw your root chakra into a tizzy. This is a really good day to get yourself outside to connect to nature. Take a drive, take a hike or just sit with your favorite body of water. Connecting to the earth will replenish your spirit.


Sunday- The sky is booming with temptations today. You may feel tempted to tell off a bad boss or throw your diet out the window. Think before you act and make sure that your decisions are in alignment with your future goals. After all, giving in to a temptation or two may not be worth the long-term damage to your goals.