Understanding the Brachial Chakra

Have you ever considered what the chakra system of your beloved fur baby might look like? Well no big surprise that their chakra system looks nearly identical to ours. They have all of the same chakras we do in relatively the same places with the addition of the brachial chakra. The brachial chakra is on the back, right between the shoulder blades. This is considered to be the spot where our soul and their soul can connect the strongest.


If you think about where you are most likely to put your hand when you reach down to pet an animal you may find that many times you have put your hand directly on their brachial chakra. I think it is an interesting phenomena. We are simply drawn there. As you caress an animal or run your hand down their head, frequently that's where your hand will stop and rest.


If you are connecting to an animal you have never met before and you want them to know that you are a friend, try to connect through the brachial. If they are willing to allow you to touch them put your hand on their back, between the shoulder blades. Allow the energy from your palm chakra to intermingle with their brachial chakra, connecting your spirits.


This chakra is frequently seen as a black or soft grey color. Abused animals frequently have a brachial that is out of balance, as they are mistrusting of people. Rescue animals should receive a lot of attention to bringing their brachial into balance, as they learn to trust their caregivers.


Many years ago, I was driving home from the grocery store when I felt very strongly that I had to pull into a Farm and Ranch store near my home. As it turned out, the Humane Society was set up that day with a myriad of dogs looking for new homes. There was a beautiful reddish dog with golden eyes. He was profoundly frightened. For some reason I had to stop the car and connect to that dog. He immediately came to this side of the pain and allowed me to touch him. The Humane Society people were shocked. They said that he was terrified of people and wouldn't let anyone touch him. They insisted that he needed to go home with me. I simply could not turn this terrified dog down.


The Humane Society volunteer shared his story with me. His companion was a woman who was living in domestic violence. She finally managed to get her abusive husband out of the house. She had a restraining order, but he walked right through that and came to her home while she was working and shot and killed two of her dogs. For some reason he did not kill this guy. Afraid for her life,  she ended up leaving town.  Her beloved Tebow ended up at the Humane Society, as she could not take him with her. He was absolutely terrified of people. Especially men. He was also terribly frightened of loud noises.



It took Scott 6 months before Tebow would allow him to touch him. From the get-go though, he would let me touch him. I did a lot of Reiki sessions on him in that first few months. We connected for many clearings from all of the trauma he had suffered. He would sit for a great deal of time with my hands resting comfortably on his brachial chakra while he went through the process of healing. He only lived for a few years after he came to live with us, but I will be forever grateful for all of the lessons that Tebow taught me about energy work with rescue animals and most importantly, about learning to trust.