12Weather Report November 6th-13th

Monday- The sun is shining bright with confidence today. You are shining like the radiant beauty that you are. Don't be surprised if you get a little unexpected attention from strangers as you are really standing out in a beautiful and powerful way.


Tuesday- A low pressure band of energy moves through, slowing everything down. You may feel like you are moving through molasses. This is definitely not a day where you can get anywhere on time. Plan well, and leave early.


Wednesday- A heavy fog of intuition settles over all of us. This is a day that you will likely feel more dialed into your intuition than normal. You may also discover that you are feeling more mystical and magical. This is a great day for daydreaming, journaling and meditating.


Thursday- A gentle rain is drumming down today bringing change with it. You may find yourself letting go of something that isn't working for you anymore. It could be a habit, a job, a friend or even something bigger.


Friday- The skies are dark and heavy today, bringing with them confusion and mental exhaustion. You will see some people stirring up drama in order to try to break free from it. Don't fall into that trap. Listen to music that is good for your soul, watch inspiring movies and read things that nourish your spirit.


Saturday- A strong wind blows through in the morning, whisking away those heavy clouds from yesterday. Today is about choices and decisions. You may find yourself wanting to change a few things. It will likely be home things. You may decide to rearrange a room or redecorate in some way. You might even decide it's time to trade in your car. This is a day of feeling brave confident and positive about your own ability to make good decisions.


Sunday- Sunday dons dark and dreary with a heavy feeling of loss. Empathic souls may be feeling the weight of the world today. You may also have some of your own grief rise to the surface that needs to be nurtured and acknowledged. Take some time today To acknowledge your own pain and then do something to help clear away the heaviness of the world. Take a sea salt bath, take a walk out in nature and maybe even get some energy work. You will feel so much better.