12Weather Report November 13th-20th

Monday- A gentle breeze of options is blowing through. You are safe to trust your gut as you make decisions about your future today. Reach out to a trusted friend or advisor if you need to hash things out.


Tuesday- The sun is shining bright today, illuminating and energizing your connection to your higher self. It's all about the Crown chakra. Be sure that you give yourself some time for meditation as you connect to your guidance for support.


Wednesday- We can expect gale force winds of success to move through today. This is an excellent day to launch something new, or see the completion of a goal you have been working on. This is a good time to ask for a raise or put in for a promotion.


Thursday- A gentle pitter patter of love is sprinkling down. You may find a new relationship blossoming. You may also find current relationships deepening to a place of intimacy that you had not known in the past. This is a great day to make a move on someone you have been dreaming about.


Friday- A strong band of unconditional love moves through, inspiring you to reach out to the ones that you love. You may feel drawn to spend some time in service of friends and family today. Perhaps you will buy lunch for the homeless guy on the corner or pay for the coffee of the car behind you in the drive-through line. Whatever you do, this energy is ripe for random acts of kindness towards strangers and loved ones alike.


Saturday- The winds of change are blowing yet again, transforming you in some way. You may discover that a bit of your own philosophy is changing. It could be due to new information or a strong gut feeling. Either way, trust yourself and do not apologize for being you.


Sunday- There is a haze in the sky today that feels both magical and mystical. This energy will make you want to go deep within and seek out some of your own inner truth. This is an excellent time to meditate, daydream and write.