They see you when you’re sleeping…

You have probably heard it said that animals and babies can see far more than we can. As a general rule, this is true. I have worked on many cases of animals seeing other worldly things that their owners could not.


Once I was called in to help with a dog who was barking incessantly at the refrigerator. He would bark at the refrigerator and scratch at the wall next to the fridge. He had literally put holes in the sheet rock. His family had tried everything to make him stop, but it had gone on for weeks and weeks. Someone suggested that they get an animal communicator involved to find out what was distressing him so much. As it turned out, there was a portal there. A portal essentially is an open door to the other side. Spirits were passing through it, going on their merry way, and really upsetting this dog who believed himself to be the guardian of his home. I closed the portal and instructed him that he was to stop doing this damage to the house immediately. True to his word, the barking and attacking stopped. His family was able to repair the wall and the case was closed.


Once I was called out to a home where a darling cockatoo in a cage was displaying the most upsetting and perplexing behavior. Every once in awhile, without warning, she would be pinned to the bottom of her cage. It was as if an invisible hand was pressing down on her she would scream and squawk and struggle to get loose. It was truly terrifying. The only thing that would stop her struggle was to open the cage and pick her up. In this same home, two tiny Chihuahuas  lived in constant fear. Many times, their family reported seeing them fly sideways through the room, yelping as if someone had kicked them or be launched off of the couch where they were resting. Sure enough, there was a dark entity in this home that was terrorizing the animals. They could see it and were clearly being affected by it. After we had banished it from the home, all of the animal's distress stopped.


These of course, are extreme cases. I have also heard many reports of cats and dogs that continue to see an owner who has passed away in the home. These are certainly not frightening occurrences, they are comforting ones. Animals can also frequently see your guides and angels around you. I like to think that they work in conjunction with each other.


The point is, if you have an animal companion that is acting like there is something bothering them in your house, it may be worth investigating. It is likely not nefarious, but still, it is wise to find out what it is and why it is there. An animal communication session can help you to get it sorted out.