12Weather Report November 20th-26th

Monday- A gentle warm breeze of love is moving through. This energy could bring in new relationships or breathe new life into existing relationships. Pay close attention today if you find yourself reconnecting to someone that you have not seen in a long time. What once was old could easily be made new again.


Tuesday- A low band of energy moves through today bringing with it a need for rest and reflection. Try to keep your schedule light today as you may find that your body requires more rest than normal. This is a great time to catch up on a good book or simply give some time up for a nap and some great daydreaming.


Wednesday- You may find yourself hit with a blizzard of awareness today. Your senses are sharper than ever. For empaths, it may be hard to find yourself in big groups of people, as you are feeling everything. Your intuition is off the charts today. Be sure that you are trusting and validating your vibes.


Thursday- The sun is shining bright and strong today, deepening your connection to the earth. This is a great day to celebrate your connection to your family and friends that help you to stay grounded and centered.


Friday- A strong band of chaos moves through bringing with it conflict and defeat. This is a good day to stay home and stay out of the fray. Do your best to avoid getting into arguments with those who have different political or religious beliefs than you. It could result in a bitter feud.


Saturday- The sky is clear and blue today, just like your throat chakra. You are ready to express yourself in clear and concise ways. Whether you do so through talking, writing or creating, trust yourself. Your words matter to those around you.


Sunday- The rain is drumming down to day bringing with it buckets of the truth. What may have been hidden from you in the past is becoming clear right now. Be sure to ask lots of questions to get clear about what you are seeing and feeling. This is also a great time to come clean if there is anything that you have been hiding. You are safe to come out into the open now.