12Weather Report November 27th-Dec 2nd

Monday- A low pressure band of harmony moves through today, bringing with it a sense of well being. All is truly well and you do have everything that you need to navigate through life. This is a good day to set some financial goals.


Tuesday- It is hailing drama today and you want none of it. You will likely feel the need to withdraw and protect yourself. Empaths will find themselves feeling prickly and unable to deal with negative energy.


Wednesday- The skies have cleared and and the sun is shining bright with unconditional love. You will likely be reaching out to be in service of others today. This is a great day to do some holiday shopping as your heart is full of love and appreciation for those you care about.


Thursday- The winds are swirling with authority today. You may find both at work and at home that those in places of power are asserting themselves aggressively. Choose your battles wisely and don't engage in power struggles unless you are fully prepared to go to battle.


Friday- The only thing shining brighter than the sun today is your solar plexus. You are feeling confident and powerful today. This is a great time to introduce yourself to that cute guy you have had your eye on or ask for a promotion. Your confidence is luminous.


Saturday- The energy of the Earth is shaking today and that may leave you feeling very ungrounded. Be sure to spend some time outside to put your spirit back in order. You may even need to reach out for some energy work to get back to feeling like yourself.


Sunday- It is pouring choices today. Should you go out with friends and enjoy the day? Should you brave mall and get some shopping done? Should you stay home in your jammies and watch movies with your cat? These and many more choices are coming to you today. Be sure that you are honoring what your body and spirit are asking for before you honor what other people would like to see you do.