12Weather Report December 11-17th

Monday- A dense fog of wisdom settles upon us today, bringing out the soothsayer in all of us. You may choose to share your wisdom through social media, visiting with a friend or even posting a blog. Whatever you do, remember that your words matter. 


Tuesday- The sun is shining strong and bright with partnerships and trust today. This is a great time to build trust at work And within social circles. You may also find yourself being drawn to join an organization that aligns with your values.


Wednesday- The wind is howling today, shutting down your voice. You may find yourself suffering without being able to express what you are feeling. Search for the right words, as bottling your pain up inside will do you no good.


Thursday- There is a pitter patter of love drumming on the roof tops and your heart. This is an excellent day for romance. Do something kind for your significant other today. If you are still searching for your best match, this is a great time to connect with your crush.


Friday- Your intuition is as bright as the sky today. You are feeling very clear and on point. Trust yourself, as you can lead yourself in the right direction.


Saturday- Gray, moody skies will likely keep you indoors, feeling the need for a day of solitude. Make a plan to stay home. This would be a great day for a long bath with a good book.


Sunday- The sun is shining bright with harmony today. You will likely feel like all is right in your world. This is a great day to spend some time in the presence of friends and family that bring you joy.