12Weather Report January 8-14th

Monday- A thick fog of solitude rolls through today, making you want to stay home. This is a great time to catch up on a good book or binge-watch Netflix. Don't push too hard and do what you can to avoid having to go out in chaotic places.


Tuesday- The wind is surging with choices and options today. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sheer weight of it. Take your time and give yourself the right to take your time in choosing. You have nothing to gain by giving in to the pressure of society today.


Wednesday- The rain is gently pitter-pattering down, bringing an easy energy of change with it. Unlike the pressure to make split decisions that you were feeling yesterday, today feels supportive and gentle. It is true though that change is on the horizon for many of us.


Thursday- There is a low band of grief moving through today. You may find yourself grieving a friend or family member or even a past situation. Don’t be surprised if you are dreaming of a job you used to have or a group of friends that you used to run around with. Talking will be therapy for you today, so be sure that you share some love and stories about those that you are missing.


Friday- While the energy may feel flat and stagnant today, there is actually a nice little breeze of patience blowing through. This is a great day to make those uncomfortable phone calls, face your budget head on and clean out the refrigerator. You will feel like you have both the patience and the emotional fortuity to do it.


Saturday- The sun is shining bright with accomplishments today. You may find yourself receiving a little praise or other recognition from those around you. You may also find that you are feeling proud of your own accomplishments. This is a great day to share something that you have created with the world. Perhaps it is a blog, a photo of something that you have cooked or something else that is near and dear to your heart. Share away today with confidence. You will receive positive feedback.


Sunday- Today feels like the brightest day of the new year. You are full of hope and light. Take advantage of this optimistic energy and have some fun. This is a perfect time to take a drive, connect with friends and even step out of your comfort zone socially. Your light is shining so bright, those are around you cannot help but notice.