Dreamtime for dogs

Have you ever seen a dog have a dream? Sometimes they will bark with their mouth shut with this funny muffled found. Sometimes they will whimper, whine or cry in their sleep. We used to have a Great Dane that loved to sleep on the cool tile floor in the bathroom during the summer. She would lay on her side with her feet up against the side of the tub. Sometimes, she would jerk me awake with quite a clatter going on, all four giant feet crashing and scratching against the side of the tub while she was dreaming. Running in her sleep. Our sweet little Chihuahua Rico frequently dreams as well. Sometimes, it is obvious that his dream is not a happy one. He whines, cries and struggles all while sound asleep. I have learned that it is best to stroke him and gently speak to him, reassuring him that he is okay. Eventually, the dream subsides and he falls back into a peaceful slumber.


I have been curious about this phenomena. My mom used to say that they were chasing cats and hiding bones in their dreams. I decided to talk to my own dogs about it. Indeed, my mom was mostly right. They are usually meeting up with friends. Some who are living and some who are not. They seem to be taking a trip across the Rainbow Bridge in their sleep. They are running through endless meadows, rolling around in thick green grass and drinking from cool streams of water. Maybe it is the reward they get for putting up with this earthly experience.



This revelation blew my mind a little bit. Ultimately, this means that dogs can astral travel. They can leave their bodies and go somewhere that they want to go. I don't know why I am surprised, as they are wise sentient  beings. It just seems like such a rich conversation, considering all of the things that dogs could do. Obviously, occasionally it is just a bad dream, just like we have. But the rest of the time, dogs are off having fun in their sleep. No wonder they are so lazy! They happen to be having the time of their lives!