12 Weather Report January 15th-22nd

Monday- The wind is zipping through today bringing  with it a feeling of urgency. You will likely feel like there is not enough time today to accomplish everything you need to do. Take a deep breath and prioritize. You do not have to conquer the world in a day.


Tuesday- There is a fog rolling through. A mental fog that is. You may feel like you cannot quite get your  thoughts together today. It is likely that you will feel a bit foggy and ungrounded. Be sure to spend a little time outside to see if you can clear the fog by getting grounded and centered.


Wednesday- The sun is shining bright and harsh today and you will likely feel like you need to withdraw from the world. Days like this are times when an empath needs to take a big step back from the world then take care of themselves. Avoid harsh people or places as much as possible.


Thursday- It is hailing chaos today. You will likely feel like Murphy's Law is in action. Don't worry, this chaotic energy will shift by early afternoon and you will get your zen back. In the meantime though, stay calm and put out the fires as they come. You are stronger than you think and smarter than you know.


Friday- The chaos of yesterday has passed and today there is a happy Breeze blowing through. This is a day where you will likely experienced some success. It is a good day to expect the best and learn how to take a compliment.


Saturday- The sky is bright with opportunity . There is nothing that you have to do and yet you may feel as if you want to dive into a project that makes you happy or even take a class that sings to your soul. This is a great day to invest in yourself.


Sunday- A gentle rain is bringing a slower easier energy than we have seen all week. You may very well feel like you need to take a down day to rest and rejuvenate your  mind body and spirit. Be patient with yourself and take all of the time that you need.