12Weather Report January 29 through February 4th

Monday- A low band of luck moves through today bringing with it many possibilities for achieving your goals. Get very clear about what you want as manifesting is King right now. Don't be afraid to speak up today and ask for what you need. Whether it is a raise at work or more help at home you are in a great energy today to receive it.


Tuesday- The sun is shining bright with confidence and abundance today. The energy from yesterday has certainly flowed nicely into this day as well. This is a good day to make financial decisions. This is also a good day for commerce. If you have been thinking about selling something you would be wise to carry through with that plan today.


Wednesday- There is a tremendous full moon today that is continuing to bring in a powerful stream of abundance and possibilities. Try to avoid wondering when the other shoe will fall and just enjoy what you have right now. Be sure to make a plan to spend some time in the light of this Moon, as you will not want to miss her blessings.


Thursday- There is a brisk breeze of triumph blowing through today. It is likely that you will see some powerful movement forward on old goals. This is yet another great day for manifesting. Be sure that you are very clear about what you want. Remember that the Universe has a never-ending supply of abundance to offer you.


Friday- This day dawns with a thick fog of transformative energy. You may be faced with situations that force you to face the fact that you have changed. You may find that you no longer resonate with certain people, teachings or even friend groups. There is nothing wrong with climbing out of your cocoon as a brand new butterfly who sees life through different eyes. The exciting part is there is a massive world full of incredible things for you to explore through your new lenses.


Saturday- A gentle rain is drumming down singing balance into all things. This is a day where you will likely feel compelled to make some changes to your routine and your household in order to strike better balance. You may experience some resistance from others but don't allow that to deter you. This is about you getting what you need, not sacrificing yourself for the needs of others.


Sunday- The sun is shining bright and clear today and so are you. Your confidence is luminous. You are feeling capable of taking on the world.  This is a good day to reflect on the life experiences that have brought you to this point. The truth is, you have been through plenty and managed to emerge from it a stronger, wiser and happier person.