12Weather Report February 5-12

Monday- The energy today feels heavy and thick, holding you down in a place of quiet and introspection. You may feel like intrusions of the radio or television are too loud and distracting. Be sure that you take some time today to meditate and daydream.


Tuesday- The thickness of yesterday's energy has broken loose and you will find yourself ready to peek out of the rabbit hole to see what everyone else is doing. This would be a good day to have lunch with a friend or some other social activity. You need to laugh and lighten up a bit today.


Wednesday- Today has taken on a raw and harsh feeling that will leave empaths dashing for cover. this is a good day to stay home and take good care of yourself. Do your best to avoid harsh people, media and situations. You may take a lot of comfort in gentle music and creative endeavors.


Thursday- Truth is unfolding today and you will find yourself feeling more clear about various situations in your life. You will particularly feel like you have gained clarity around employment issues. You may be tempted to protect or elevate others. At this point, you would do well to worry about yourself only and accept the potential abundance and praise that is coming to you. You have earned it.


Friday- There is a magical vibe in the air. You will likely feel compelled to connect with nature today. this would be a great day to take a hike, or at least take a drive with your windows down. Breathe in the fresh air and allow the magic of the Earth to permeate your spirit. You may find yourself feeling silly and wild as this energy pulses through you.


Saturday- You may be tempted to struggle and swim upstream today. There are situations in your life right now that you are struggling against. Take stock of them today and consider why you are struggling and how you could change your pace to go with the flow. Sometimes  it feels easier to carry heavy burdens of fear, anger and grudges than it is to let them go. Whatever it is for you, now is a good and supportive time to stop swimming upstream.


Sunday- Pay attention to your dreams today as the energy is perfect for dream visitations, premonitions and lucid dreaming. You just may receive the answers to some long-held questions. You may also receive some new inspiration along your path.