Puke Warfare


Anyone who has a cat knows that puke warfare is a thing. So are piss rockets and poop guns. Cats will use their bodily fluids as a showstopping way to get your attention. Ew. I know. But it works!


I have a cat client with a bowel disease who poops in the dining room to make sure her family knows that she is ill again. It is gross, and they wish she would not do it, but it sure does get the message across.


My mom had a cat that peed into the burners of the stove. Horrible, I know. She was a deaf, blue eyed, lovely white long hair named Angel. She was a magical kitty with some anger issues. She was pissed off (pun intended) about a new dog in the house. No one asked her about bringing this obnoxious dog in, and she hated him.


I have had many cat clients over the years that will puke when they are upset about something. Puking on your bed, in your shoes and on your belongings are all ways that they are sending a message to you. The faster you realize that and listen, the quicker you can end the vomit onslaught.


Now let’s be clear, sometimes cats just gobble their food down too quickly or could be ill. Sometimes peeing in strange places indicates illness. If your cat is sick, take them to the vet. If they are perfectly healthy though, you should consider what is going on in their world.


Some common sources of contention are


  • Power struggles with other animals in the home. Is one of your cats sneaking around, pooping in places other than the box? It could be that a more evil and strong willed cat is refusing them access to the box.
  • New people coming into your world. Your cat didn’t puke in your new boyfriends shoe on accident.
  • A change in your schedule. Have you been gone more than usual, leaving your cat alone more? If so, that Lake Pissagain on your bed may be cat-made, to send you a message of discontent. 


If you know what the problem is, and can fix it, great. This is where an animal communicator can help a lot. Sometimes just acknowledging their frustration is enough. Sometimes it requires dedication and a change in something in the home. You usually cannot ignore problems like this away, however. Nobody wants these issues to get worse over time.