12Weather Report, February 12th-19th

Monday- Your focus is razor sharp today. You can focus on your goals, your dreams and current projects. You can also focus on all of the negative, yucky stuff that comes up. Make a choice now to be mindful and committed to staying positive and productive today.


Tuesday- There is a nice energetic flow today that will carry you with a great attitude. You will likely feel like you have more physical energy today as well. This is a really good time to pay attention to the needs of your mind, body and spirit. Be sure that you are nurturing you.


Wednesday- Pay attention to your vibes today, as your understanding of a situation in your life is unfolding. You will have an opportunity today to recognize why other people in your world do the things that they do. This new awareness will make it easier to deal with frustrations with other people.


Thursday- If there were a day this week that you needed to stay home and do your own thing, this would be it. Be sure that you are finishing what you start. Procrastination is not your friend right now and could very well get in the way of new opportunities.


Friday- A new friendship or relationship is emerging. This is great news and a good opportunity for you to spend time with someone that can challenge your beliefs and help you grow. Say yes to invites and opportunities that take you out of your comfort zone. You will discover that it is actually not all that scary out there.


Saturday- Eat your Wheaties and get a good night's sleep because your strength will be needed today. You will likely encounter friends or family members who need to lean on you. Do your best to be a good listener and support without judgement. Remember that everyone is on their own path.


Sunday You will likely wake up today feeling anxious to clear out the clutter in your life. You may feel compelled to do some deep cleaning and reorganizing in your home. You may also feel like you need to detox your body and your spirit. This would be a great day for some energy work.