12Weather Report February 19th-26th

Monday- There is a thick energetic fog hanging low today. You will likely feel introverted and quiet. This is a great day to learn, read and meditate.


Tuesday- This is a great day for sending your blessings far and wide. Whether you pray, meditate, drum, do energy work or any other thing, your intention is king.  Be sure to give yourself ample time today to work on behalf of yourself, your family and your world.


Wednesday- You may find that you are going it alone today. Everyone seems to be wrapped up in their own agenda. There is not a lot going on socially. You may also find that at work no one is interested in cooperating or collaborating. This is a good day for you to bury your head in your own projects.


Thursday- You may feel pressed to connect with the energy of the Earth today. It would be great to take a hike or a walk in nature. If that is not possible, consider taking a drive. You may also consider doing a little healing on behalf of Mother Earth. Perhaps you will clean up some trash or engage in some environmentalism. Whatever you do, remember, without her there is no us.


Friday- It's all about family today. You may be feeling reminiscent of those who have already passed. You may also feel compelled to call or visit elderly relatives who have stories to share with you. Their DNA is yours as well, and they carry many of your stories within them.


Saturday- It is all about truth and clarity today. You may have a few revelations coming about work and relationships alike. You may also get a wake up call about something you've been trying to ignore. Whatever it is, face it bravely and be willing to explore all aspects of the situation.


Sunday- You are feeling so inspired today and you will likely be compelled to create something new. Whether you are writing,  creating art, cooking, crafting, decorating or something else entirely, give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the process.