12Weather Report February 26th-March 4th

Monday- This is a great day of optimism. You will likely find yourself easily rising above negativity and unhappiness of others. No one is going to rain on your parade today, as you are feeling positive and confident about your life in general.


Tuesday- You may find yourself playing the role of the peacekeeper today. As people around you are engaging in skirmishes and frustration, you are able to see both sides of the issue and help them come together in a resolution. You may also feel compelled to mend some of your own bridges. Sometimes forgiveness equals freedom.


Wednesday- New ideas and projects are being born within you today. Dream big, and be sure to write down your goals. This is also a good day to evaluate where you are at with other goals and projects. You may decide to wrap a few things up in order to move forward.


Thursday- Your light is bright and beautiful today and you are realizing now, more than ever, how much you affect the world around you. Your attitude, actions and overall energy have a great effect on your friends, family and workplace. Today, that light is bringing joy to those who have little to feel joyful about. Shine on bright star.


Friday- You may need a reminder to trust your own intuition. You may feel as if you need to change your plans in some way. Sometimes that feeling and does not come with a great  explanation. Still though, you must be free to trust in yourself and your spirit.


Saturday- Follow your bliss today and have some fun. Sometimes you get so busy with other parts of life, you forget to do joyful things. Plan a little adventure today and take a few friends along for the ride.


Sunday- Sometimes life does not deliver exactly what we think we will get. Sometimes, the people we love most are not living up to their greatest potential. Today, you may find yourself reflecting on what you don't have. Be wise enough to recognize what you can change and what you can accept as being your reality right now.