12Weather Report March 5th-11th

Monday- Make some time today to just be quiet. Turn off the radio and the television and allow yourself to become comfortable in the silence of your own company. You may choose to daydream or meditate or just be still. There is so much benefit in learning to be silent.


Tuesday- It is a magical day. You may find yourself wondering at the beauty of nature or the exquisite nature of people. This is a great day to get in tune with your spirit. Perhaps pull a few cards from your favorite Oracle deck or even do a little candle magic.


Wednesday- Your words and actions matter. This is one of those days where that fact will be crystal clear. Be kind and be compassionate. Others are looking to you for a good example of how to treat each other. Your light shines brightly on the world.


Thursday- Ideas that have been burning brightly within you are finally ready to be birthed. You may start a new project today or see the completion of something already in the works.  Be bold and brave about sharing your talents with the world. We need you.


Friday- It is time to stop swimming upstream. You have been struggling against something for a while now and you are tired of doing it. Let go of expectations and outcomes. Walk away from things that you can see will not change.  


Saturday- You may find yourself being shifted out of your comfort zone today. This is a scary and exciting place to be. Trust the guidance of those around you and dip your toe into uncharted waters. You may just find that you thrive on the edge of the comfort zone.


Sunday- The warrior activist in you is rising to the surface. You may feel that you can no longer stay silent about issues in your world that you are passionate about. Be brave and be true to yourself. Be wise and willing to listen to others as well. Never forget that your voice is necessary and needed in your community.