12Weather Report March 12th-18th

Monday- Are flowers popping out of the ground yet? Spring is trying to grace us with her presence. You are also feeling productive and energetic. Take advantage of it with some good spring cleaning!


Tuesday- It might feel like everything is happening at warp speed today. Don’t worry if you feel like you are running behind all day. Just do your best to prioritize and laugh about the absurdity of the rat race.


Wednesday- You can usually get away with grinning and bearing it through most frustrations in your life. That may not be the case today. Communication is key as you feel compelled to share your fears with someone close to you. This kind of sharing is good and therapeutic.


Thursday- Today is a good time to hit the reset button on some part of your life that needs a new beginning. It could be a relationship, habit, pattern or even just an attitude. This would be a good day for some energy work to help you start fresh.


Friday- Your spidey senses are peaked today, as you are feeling deeply aware of the energy around you. Empaths will benefit from taking breaks from crowds. Turn to music to help you raise your spirits and flow through the day.


Saturday- Love is in the air! This is a great day to work on relationships, both romantic and otherwise. Send a sweet note, plan a date and have some fun celebrating all of the love in your life!


Sunday- This day dawns brimming with hope. Nothing can stifle your optimism. This is a great day to spend some time with like minded friends. You will have the world's problems solved in one good coffee date! Spread that joy and hope throughout your world. Your friends and family need your light.