12Weather Report March 19th-25th

Monday- This is a day that you may find yourself grieving old hurts and losses. Take a walk down memory lane if you can to soothe your heart. It wouldn't hurt so much if we didn't love so much . This would be a good day to reach out to a friend for a happy distraction.


Tuesday-  There is a great vibe of harmony today and you will likely find yourself sailing smoothly through the day. By late afternoon you will find yourself looking for something fun to do. Look for something that makes you laugh and helps you to maintain this brighter, happier energy.


Wednesday-  Are we there yet? The energy is slow and flat today and you will likely feel like everything is happening in slow motion.  Some people will experience some anxiety and jittery vibes. Take advantage of a slower day to get a few things done.


Thursday-  Be aware of conflict in the workplace today. Be careful that you do not fall into anyone's trap of gossip. You will find that this is a day that you will want to keep to yourself to avoid a pit of drama. Avoid conflict on social media as well, as everyone is feeling defensive of their own  opinion.


Friday-  There is a general energy of  uneasiness today. Do not let this vibe convince you that there is something wrong in your world. Take a quick evaluation of your relationships, family and job. You will likely find that all is truly well. By late afternoon the uneasiness will shift and you will feel much more optimistic.


Saturday-  You will hop out of bed today  full of ideas and passion. You may choose to create something new, rehab something old or even rearrange your space. This is a fantastic day for  your creativity to shine brightly.


Sunday-  This is an excellent day for manifesting.  Take stock of your financial situation and start making plans  for an adventure later in the summer. Perhaps you would like to take a trip, move or buy a new car. Whatever it is, nothing is out of your reach when you get real, get organized and make a great plan.