Help wanted?

In animal communication work I frequently work with families whose animals are experiencing behavior issues. One of the most common things I see are bored and confused cats and dogs who are trying to establish their role in the family dynamic. Just as you need purpose in your life, they do as well. Sometimes our pets will assign themselves jobs that are less than helpful.


Recently, I worked with a family who is cat had suddenly started  leaving surprises on the rug instead of in his litter box. His companion suspected that he was angry with her because she was working more than usual and did not have as much time for him. Indeed, he was. He explained to me that it is his job in the home to be near her and help support her. She was not allowing his love and support because of her job demands. He was angry and in order to express his anger, he showed her by leaving a mess. Because her situation will not be changing anytime soon, we agreed to create a new job for this kitty. We asked him if he could turn his attention to another family member who is struggling and could use his protection and comfort.  He agreed to this arrangement and immediately began sleeping with and attending to his new charge. Peace has returned to the home, and of course, no more surprises on the rug.


I have worked many times with families whose dogs were behaving aggressively when other dogs were near. The families, of course, were concerned about  their dog engaging in frightening and violent behavior. Typically these are dogs who are otherwise happy and well-adjusted. In most cases, we have been able to pinpoint the person that this dog has assigned himself to guard. Through animal communication, we have  are able to show them that their behavior is frightening and not acceptable. Most often, these dogs can be shown that rather than behaving violently, they are to trust their companion and be docile by their side when they are approached by other dogs.



The point is, the animals that live in your world are intelligent, sentient beings that require and deserve your thoughtful inclusion in your life. Whenever behavior issues arise, consider for a moment what their position could be and how we can create change together to make everyone in the home more comfortable. The animals in your home all need to have jobs and assignments to keep them feeling busy and fulfilled. And as always, remember that you have your relationships, your family, friends and job. They only have you. Don't take that for granted.