12Weather Report March 26-April 1st

Monday- Today is all about confidence, and you've got it! You are feeling good about your ability to manage your life. Keep that light shining brightly. Those around you will benefit from your luminous spirit.


Tuesday- The energy around you may feel flat and slow today. You may even feel a bit discontent and bored. Resist the urge to go looking for drama. Instead, engage yourself with uplifting activities.


Wednesday- You may feel a little empty today. Sometimes, you can feel lonely even in a crowded room. This would be a good day to reach out to someone who knows you and loves you well for some comfort and reassurance.


Thursday- You will feel a little withdrawn today. Current events in your life have your heart hurting and you don't know how to express that. It is okay to have all types of emotions. You don't have to be happy and bright all the time. You may need to reach out to a trusted friend or advisor today to talk out your feelings.


Friday- It has been a rollercoaster of a week and you will likely be seeking some balance today. While you may feel like you would like to retreat to your bed for the weekend, be sure to balance that need with some fun and social time.


Saturday- This is the most creative day this week. Take advantage of that energy to get a few things done. Your home, pets, family and friends could all use a bit of your attention today. You may also feel compelled to  work on some of your own projects.


Sunday- The world Is In conflict and for empathic souls that can be a suffocating, defeating energy. Today you may find yourself feeling beat down by the collective energy. You would benefit from some time outside, some energy work and some meditation.