12Weather Report April 2nd-9th

Monday- The energy today will have you dreaming. Daydreaming that is. This is a great day to start making plans for the summer. Be sure that you are allowing yourself the time and finances necessary to do some things that feed your soul.


Tuesday-  This is a day of feeling passionate about your hopes and goals. You will continue to ride the wave that you created on Monday by working on doing some things that you have always wanted to do. Perhaps it is a trip, a concert or even something super brave like jumping out of an airplane. Whatever it is that feeds your soul, it is worth it.


Wednesday-  You may experience some conflict today, particularly in the workplace. You will discover that everyone has a strong opinion and a need to be validated. This is a good time to keep your head down and worry about your own work.


Thursday-  This is a particularly productive and creative day.  You will feel like a master problem solver, as nothing seems to be getting in your way.  This would be an excellent day to plant flowers or start seedlings, as everything you touch wants to turn to gold.


Friday-  There is peace on earth today, or at least in your world. Chaos has settled and people around you are behaving much better than they were earlier in the week.  This would be a great day to grab some friends and do something fun. Sometimes being carefree for a while is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself.


Saturday-  You may find yourself feeling a bit impulsive today.  Before you trade your car in or put your notice in at your job, take the weekend to mull over your decision. You may very well find that by Monday you are feeling a little differently about the situation.


Sunday-  This is a good day to stay home. Your mind body and spirit could do with some extra rest and down time.  It is okay to choose you and change your plans if necessary. Don't allow yourself to feel pressured to give up your day to someone else's plans.