Pigs Bite and Other Insights from the Pig Pen

My husband has been longing to make a mini pig a part of our family for a long time. A really long time. I have held out for years, but recently decided that now is the time. Finally, we picked our baby up from the breeder last week.


She is 7 weeks old. She weighs 2 lbs. She is just tiny and adorable. And sassy, demanding and opinionated! It is as if we have a newborn baby on our hands. In fact, we do! Her name is Fiona, because she is a bit like living with an ogre. 


We are quickly learning how to be piggie parents. The first hard lesson: Pigs bite. Hard. She has bit me a few times now, all when I was trying to make her do something, like get in her litter box or put on a sweater (yeah, yeah, I know. I probably had that one coming). It is not hard enough to break the skin, but definitely hard enough to hurt my feelings!


The second: Eating like a pig does not always mean pigging out. Sometimes it means being picky and stubborn about what you will eat. This little darling cannot be bought or bribed with a treat.


And third: The noise, dear god, the noise. This little piggy says wee, wee, wee, all day long. The oinking, snorting and squealing is a constant around here. It is darling and astonishing, all at once. She can pitch a fit that makes your two year old look like an angel.  


Little Miss Fiona is quickly worming her way into our home and our hearts. I’m sure that there will be many more piggie stories to follow. For now, know that I am under the mind control of a tiny tyrant with a penchant for warm blankies and cuddles.


We are documenting our adventures with Fiona on Facebook. And Youtube, if you would like to follow us.