12Weather Report April 16th-22nd

Monday- You will have an opportunity today to make a difference in someone's life. Be kinder than necessary and recognize that sometimes opportunities to serve others come in obscure. Keep your eyes and your heart open.


Tuesday- Try not to swim upstream today. Go with the flow, even if that means changing your plans. It is okay to allow for some spontaneity today. Don't plan on getting a lot of work done, as you will likely have many distractions.


Wednesday- You may find yourself needing to let go of something today that is no longer in your best interest. It could be as small as a physical item. It could even be as large as a job or a relationship. Whatever is under your skin, pay attention to it and be brave about letting go and moving forward.


Thursday- Just as yesterday asked you to let go of something, today is allowing you to birth something new. This is a great day for new ideas, movement on goals and starting something fresh.  It can be painful sometimes to birth a new idea into the world, so be patient with yourself if you are feeling uncomfortable.

Friday- Do something fun today that fills you with childlike joy. Fly a kite, blow a bottle of bubbles, roll down the big hill, soar on the swings at the park or take a bike ride. Whatever you decide to do, have some fun and allow yourself to swim in a stream of joy. You can worry later. Now is the time to lay worries aside.


Saturday- You may be given an opportunity today to revisit a past event or an old hurt. This is a great day to heal your past. Whether you allow yourself to forgive someone, or perhaps you are the one doing the apologizing, you will clear the air for a powerful future. Some energy work today would help you to move this process along.


Sunday- Your light is shining bright today. You are a bright star to those who love you. Spend a little time today nurturing loved ones who have been having a hard time lately. You will feel amazing by being in service to others and they will benefit so much from your love and kindness.