Your Dog Hates Your Phone

I have heard this so many times in animal communication sessions. Your dogs and your cats for that matter, hate your phone. It is no accident when they knock it on the floor or nudge out of your hands. 


Recently, when a dog told me this, I asked him if it was because his companion was paying more attention to their phone than they were to him. I was a little surprised by his answer. He said that is certainly part of it, but that the main reason for hating the phone was that he didn't like the way it made his companion feel. Let that sink in. He could see a change in the energy of his companion when they spent a lot of time on their phone. He was knocking it out of her hands because he felt that it was having an adverse effect on her spirit and her health.


I feel like that is some incredible insight. We have all heard it before. Spending too much time on electronics is not healthy. But straight from the dog's mouth to my ear, a visible change in our energy occurs when we fall down the rabbit hole of technology.  I feel like this is worth listening to and considering. It doesn't mean that you have to give up your phone. But it does mean that it would be wise to self-evaluate the amount of time spent with technology for you and your children. It would also be wise to evaluate the subtle changes that you may be feeling as well.


Above everything else, the next time one of your animals tries to vandalize your phone, take a pause to consider what they may be saying to you.