12Weather Report April 23rd-29th

Monday- This is a great day for clarity and seeing people as they truly are. It is okay to love and accept others for who they are right now, with no need to force a change. By the same token, choose to love you right now as you are. Accept yourself and love yourself without limits.


Tuesday- You may find yourself surrounded by people who need you today. This is a rough day for many who are feeling out of sorts and perhaps even unloved. Do your best to listen without judgement and offer your love and encouragement. You can truly be a powerful advocate for those around you.


Wednesday- You may find yourself feeling the travel bug. While you may not be able to lift your anchor and leave today, make a plan now for some travel soon. Even a weekend away would do your spirit well.  In the meantime, consider taking a drive or visiting a new restaurant today. New experiences are calling to you.


Thursday-  This is a powerful day of meaningful communication. Allow yourself to get lost in deep conversations with like-minded friends. This is not a time for polite chit-chat. This is a day for diving deep into magic, mystery, sex, theology and all matters of the spirit. Don't hold back, you are safe to express your deepest thoughts and feelings.


Friday- This is a day of wonder and joy. Feed your inner child with fun and freedom. Put away your watch for awhile and have some fun without living by the clock. Perhaps even take the afternoon off to enjoy yourself without having to be accountable to anyone. This is also a great day for creativity. Sidewalk chalk anyone?


Saturday- Get some sunshine today and do something good for the Earth. You will benefit greatly from spending some time outside. There will be an abundance of opportunities for fun if you look for them. Don't be afraid to be spontaneous today. This is an excellent time to do something unexpected.


Sunday- You have been working hard for awhile now on your goals and future plans. This is an important day to reevaluate where you are in life and what you truly want. You may discover that some of your goals have changed. It is good sometimes to recognize who you are now and what you value the most. Don't be afraid to change your trajectory.