12Weather Report April 30-May 6th

Monday- You may discover that you have a brand new vigor for life today. This is a great day to refresh and renew stagnant parts of your life. Clean out your car, clean out your purse and dejunk your bedroom. That is a good start to letting go of the unnecessary clutter in your life. 


Tuesday- You may be asked to let go of an old grudge today. Whether it is in the workplace or your social Circle, you will find that it is time to learn from an old hurt and move forward. This is a good opportunity for you to clear some past debris in your life.


Wednesday- This is a joyful and carefree day. You may find yourself wanting to play hooky in the afternoon in order to have some fun. It is good to let your hair down and change things up every once in awhile.


Thursday- Today, choose to stop swimming upstream. Life is meant to be loved. You were not born to struggle. Sometimes you forget that and put unfair and unrealistic expectations on yourself. Evaluate those expectations and decide what goes and what stays.


Friday-  I want to see you be brave! Really though, today you will find yourself needing to be braver and stronger than you thought you could be. You may very well have people in your life that need your light and your advice to help them get through some trouble times.


Saturday- What are you manifesting? That is the question of the day. This is an excellent time to manifest wonderful things into your life. Get clear about what you want and form a good action plan to help you achieve your goals. There is no limit to how big you can dream.


Sunday- This is a great day to plant seeds, both literally and figuratively. At the very least throw a few sunflowers into the Earth that you can enjoy later in the summer. From a spiritual perspective, the seeds of manifestation that you plant now will begin to grow as you nurture them, pluck away the  weeds and love them into fruition.