12News May 7th-13th

Monday- Some days you find out just how strong you are. Today seems to be one of them. As you find yourself navigating through some chaos and drama, fall back on your own spiritual strength and wisdom. You may very well find others coming to you for guidance.


Tuesday-  This is a great energy day. You will likely feel a little extra pep in your step as you navigate through the day. Your smile is infectious as you bring a little extra joy to everyone around you.


Wednesday- You may see a trait or two that you are not comfortable with raise their head. Jealousy, anger, resentment and martyrdom are thinking about swimming to the surface. Think before you act and use this as an opportunity to evaluate your shadow.


Thursday- This is a bit of a blue day. You may experience some old grief rising to the surface. If that is the case for you, be sure to do something to honor your loved ones. Talk to them! They are only a whisper away.


Friday- You are a born problem solver, and you will have plenty of opportunities to flex those muscles today. You may perceive a brick wall that is standing in the way of your happiness. Get creative and knock it down!


Saturday- You may find yourself living in the past today, as you are feeling very sentimental. This is a great day to connect to your oldest friends, watch old movies that touch your soul and journal about early experiences.


Sunday- What a wonderful day of prosperity and growth. Everything you touch turns to gold today, so be productive and dream big. Be sure to do something just for you!