12Weather Report May 14th-20th

Monday- This is a great day for getting things done. You will find yourself with more physical and emotional energy than normal. Take advantage of it to tie up some loose ends and tackle any projects that have been bothering you. You will feel great about a long list of accomplishments.


Tuesday-  You may find yourself feeling a bit withdrawn today. You aren't really hurting, you just don't feel like engaging with anyone. This is a good day to meditate, write and read books that take you deep into a place of introspection.


Wednesday-  You will wake up today feeling like it is a new day and a new you and you are ready to tackle the world. It is a great energy to be in as you get a lot done today. Don't be afraid to make a few changes in your household and at work. You will have a lot of clarity today about things that are working and things that are not.


Thursday-  This is not the day to oversleep. You may find yourself feeling like you are running behind all day. Time is just moving too quickly! Prioritize well and be willing to cut a few things loose if you have too much on your plate. Also, don't forget to ask for help when you need it.


Friday- Take good care  of your heart today. You may feel like your heart is bursting with gratitude and joy for your loved ones. You may also have a bit of melancholy in your heart for those who have lost. This is a great day to reminisce and express that love and gratitude to those that you are feeling.


Saturday- This is a fantastic time to be generous. When you share what you have you easily attract more back to you. Tip more than expected, gift generously and look for ways to care for and nurture those around you. You will feel amazing about being someone who helps.


Sunday-  You may find yourself feeling unsettled today. The earth is feeling unsettled. She may even be shaking. That is leaving you feeling ungrounded and maybe even a bit fearful. It would be good for you to spend some time in nature today connecting to earth and water to help you get grounded and centered.