12Weather Report May 21st-27th

Monday- You may be feeling a bit uncomfortable in your skin today. Like that feeling when you are hungry but nothing sounds good or tired but you cannot rest. Some physical activity should help you to get more centered.  However, you will likely feel quite serious and somber all day.


Tuesday-  Today will bring news of financial changes. If you are lucky enough to see an increase, be grateful. If you are in the camp of those seeing a decrease or unexpected financial obligation, take heart. Things always seem to come out in the wash. Everything is going to be okay.


Wednesday-  There is so much happening in your life, yet today time is standing still. You are waiting for answers, events and a movement that has not arrived yet. Distract yourself from your boredom  by getting lost in a great book or immersing yourself in some other media.


Thursday-  Your bubble will be big today, and you will likely not want anyone to touch you. Or maybe even to talk to you. You are feeling prickly and maybe even a bit grouchy. This is a good time to stay home if you can. Some energy work will help, as well some meditation.


Friday-  There is truly no problem that does not have a solution. Today, you will have to be a master problem solver as you will find  obstacles popping up right and left. Remember that this is only temporary and that you are stronger and smarter than any challenge thrown into your path.


Saturday-  This is a brilliant day of inspiration. you may have woken up with no plans, only to be struck with a flash of genius. You are feeling passionate about a new plan or project. It is safe to be a bit impulsive today.


Sunday-  Be wise today about financial commitments and obligations. Choose where you put your money wisely. Be sure that you are setting something aside for the future. You will have various opportunities come up over the summer that will require a financial contribution that you don't want to miss.