12Weather Report May 28th-June 3rd

Monday- This bright day leading up to the full moon is full of light and levity. You may find yourself laughing more than normal and feeling like you are shining brightly. This is a great day to use your powers for good to help boost someone else.


Tuesday- The full moon may have you feeling  like reading, writing and studying. This energy is perfect for expanding your knowledge and sharing what you have learned. Find some time this evening to bask in the rays of her marvelous light.


Wednesday-  All you need is love. Or so they say.  Your heart has been feeling tender lately. Even commercials may make you cry. This is a perfect time to share the love with friends and family alike.  Consider engaging in some sort of service to others.


Thursday- You may find yourself seeking some knowledge or wisdom today. Alternatively, you may find yourself on the receiving end of someone who thinks they need to educate you. This is not a good day to engage in internet battles, as everyone thinks that they are correct. Instead, consider arranging a coffee date with like-minded friends for a great chat.


Friday-  Your light is shining brightly today and you are  feeling so empowered. This is a great time to start something new, do something brave or have a seemingly hard conversation. Don't be surprised if you catch yourself singing along to the radio, saying hello to strangers and smiling more than usual. This is a great day.


Saturday- Choose your words wisely today as you may find that others around you are feeling quite sensitive. Maybe even overly sensitive. Avoid being critical if you can. Try not to take anything personally, as you may encounter some salty behavior from others.


Sunday- Recent conflicts among family members may have you feeling exhausted and defeated. If this is happening within your home, it is time to sit everyone down and talk about it. Use your diplomatic skills to help everyone find some common ground. If it is happening outside of your home, be sure that everyone knows that you are not interested in being placed in the middle of their conflicts. You will be so much happier on the outside from the skirmish.