Domestic Mystic’s Daily Dish June 11th-17th

Monday- This is an excellent day to get things done. Your energy level should be high, as you race through your to-do list and move on to working on projects that make you feel creative and empowered.


Tuesday- You may have an opportunity today to make a financial decision. Be sure that you are allowing yourself some funds to play with. Life is too short to do  nothing but work. Your budget must allow you some opportunities to travel and enjoy life.


Wednesday-  Don't talk yourself out of your intuition today. If you find yourself doubting someone's word, feel it out. Remember, your intuition is in place to help you be discerning. You may need to reach out for some help getting to the truth.


Thursday- This will be another day of heightened intuition. You may feel like there is a lot going on behind the scenes in your life that you have not been paying attention to. Don't be afraid to dig deeper and ask more questions. Knowledge is power after all.


Friday-  You are feeling passionate about life today. Maybe it is the fact that it is Friday. Maybe it is more. This is a great day to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. You may catch yourself wanting to do something impulsive and out of the ordinary for you. Go for it!


Saturday- Choices, choices! Stay home and clean house? Take a last minute road trip? Binge watch Scrubs all weekend? The only thing that you have to decide is what will feed your soul. Life is meant to be enjoyed!


Sunday- Sometimes you pay to play. Today, you need to stay home, take care of some mundane tasks like laundry and housework, and get some rest. Play upbeat music and diffuse citrus oils to keep the energy in your house bright and happy.