Domestic Mystic’s Daily Dish, June 18th-24th

Monday- This is a day where you will find yourself needing to assert your opinion and stand by your decisions. You may very well discover other people pushing your boundaries for their own gain. Remember that it is okay to say no and that you do not ever have to apologize for yourself.


Tuesday-  This is a great day of getting what you want. It could be a goal achieved or even Some good news coming your way. This is also a fantastic day to start feeling creative and inspired. Don't be surprised if you start feeling the urge to make some big changes in your living space.


Wednesday-  This may be the happiest and sweetest day of the week. You will find yourself feeling loved and protected by those around you. You may also feel inspired to engage in service and acts of love in your home, workplace and community. This is a good day to recognize your role in activism as well. What are you passionate about?


Thursday-  You are not interested in anyone asserting their authority over you. That could not be more true and obvious today. You will likely find yourself bristling at anyone who attempts to assert themselves. Take a deep breath and walk away. The long-lasting effects of having an altercation or harsh words may not be worth it.


Friday- You may find yourself grieving today. It could be a current loss, or an old one. The words of others may fall flat on your ears as you need to work this one out internally. This would be a good day for some writing to help you work out your feelings. Later in the day, you may benefit from talking to someone detached from the situation to help you get clear on your feelings.


Saturday-  Much of the pain from yesterday has dissipated and today you see only love. Don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling quite forgiving towards those who have hurt you in the past. Your heart is open and ready to move on into a place of peace and joy.


Sunday-  This is a bright day full of hope and promise. Surround yourself with people that you care about. Give yourself many opportunities today to laugh and enjoy life. You can worry later. Let today be about finding the joy in the little things and spreading your light to the world. You are a luminous light being after all.