Domestic Mystic’s Daily Dish June 25-July 1st


Monday- What are you waiting for? It's time to take action. If there is something in your world that is making you uncomfortable, make a plan today to change it.


Tuesday-  Your heart is so expansive today and you will likely be feeling love and compassion for the whole world. You may also be bearing the pain of the world. Make a difference where you can, and please know that your efforts do make a difference.


Wednesday- It's all about communication today. You have had some thoughts and feelings brewing up in you that you know you need to express. This is a good day to open up conversations that are meaningful to you. This is also a great day to journal or blog.


Thursday- Your beliefs and convictions may come into question today. There are those around you who do not believe the same things that you do that may be looking for a fight. Be prepared to explain with kindness but not defend. You have every right to nurture your own beliefs.


Friday-  You may very well run into a past love interest or friend today. Don't be afraid to say hello and reconnect. While the fire may not burn like it used to, it will still feel good to reminisce about the past. You may also see this as an opportunity for closure.


Saturday-  You will likely find yourself climbing the walls today. You have plenty of things you could be doing, but none of it feels like what you want to be doing. This would be a great day for an impromptu road trip, BBQ or night out with friends. It is important to balance work with plenty of play.


Sunday- This is one of those days that feels like time is moving faster than ever. Prioritize the things you need to accomplish today, as the day will slip away quickly and you will likely not get to everything. Be sure that you also leave a little time today to rest and rejuvenate.