Domestic Mystics Daily Dish July 2nd-9th

Monday- Be generous with your love today. You may find yourself needing to extend a helping hand who someone who isn't always seen as a friend. Be kind, because that's who you are, not because it is who they are. 


Tuesday- Your light is vital on the planet right now. You don't have time to get bogged down in drama and distractions. Find ways to be encouraging and inspiring. Others rely on your light more than you realize.


Wednesday- You may find yourself with an itch to take an adventure. Whether you throw caution to the wind and do something wild today, or make plans for a trip in the future, listen to your heart.


Thursday- There are things about you that you would do well to embrace and stop trying to change. Whether it is your body, your lack of organizational skills, or your messy house that make you crazy, you are lovable and perfect just the way you are.


Friday- This is a fantastic day for manifesting. Accept the abundance that is coming your way. You deserve it. Start by being willing to take a compliment or a strangers seat on the bus when they kindly offer. When you allow others to be in your service from time to time, you send a big statement to the universe that you are willing to receive.


Saturday- There is change afoot in your life. It may very well do with work. While it may feel painful now, down the road, you will see it as a benefit. Be willing to allow yourself and others around you to grow. The more you grow and let go of others and let them do the same, the more abundant you all become.


Sunday- You may find yourself playing the role of the peacemaker today, particularly in your family. There are old rifts that needed to heal. There is forgiveness begging to happen. You can help both parties lay their pride aside, discard of their hatchets and start anew.