Domestic Mystic’s Daily Dish July 16th, 2018

Monday- You are feeling like marching to the beat of your own drum today. Maybe you will wear the wild dress or dye your hair blue. At the very least, listen to your music and turn something on the TV that you love. There is nothing wrong with catering to your own wants and needs every once in awhile.


Tuesday-  You have music flowing through your veins this week, and today is a good time to spend some time listening to music that affects you.  Some music will help you to reminisce. Some music will help you blow off some steam. Some music will inspire you. Consider building a few playlists of music that help you feel amazing.


Wednesday-  It will be important today to stay organized and on task. Self discipline will be key. Be aware of how you are managing your time. Procrastination and time wasting could get you into some trouble today. Get up a little earlier than normal, leave 15 minutes earlier than normal and know when to put your phone down.


Thursday-  Pay attention to your dreams tonight, as we are in a great energy to receive information through dreaming. Prophetic dreams and visitations from passed loved ones are likely. Additionally, if you are hoping to learn to astral travel through dreams, this would be a great night to practice.


Friday- You may find something ending in your life. It could be as simple as a project you are working on or as complex as a relationship coming to a close. Regardless of what it is, be sure that you are giving yourself an opportunity to reflect, grieve and rest.


Saturday-  Great communication will be important today. Without it, you may find yourself in the middle of miscommunication and frustration.  This is a very important time to be very clear with your words. Do not deliver any important information electronically. Speak to people either face-to-face or over the phone in order to communicate effectively.


Sunday- A little rest and rejuvenation today will leave you feeling like a brand new person. Take some steps today to make next week easier. Tackle the mundane tasks, like laundry and groceries  so that you can glide a little easier through your week. Your steps to become more organized and put together now will serve you well later on.