Domestic Mystic’s Daily Dish August 13th-19th

Monday- Choose your words and actions wisely this morning. If you are rushing through your day, you may overwhelm those around you, and potentially hurt someone without meaning to. Slow down, be present and be kind.


Tuesday- Who wants to work today? Nobody, that’s who. You may find yourself needing to buckle down to get your jobs done so that you can play! Be spontaneous and do something fun in the evening.


Wednesday- There is so much movement in your life right now! There is a lot of great news rolling in. You are experiencing a great return on both hard work and manifesting. Enjoy it, and stop waiting for the other shoe to fall.


Thursday- Things are looking up and you are excited to see what comes next. You may find yourself having some emotions that rain on your parade. It is normal sometimes to feel a little guilt when your life is going better than those around you. Forgive yourself. You deserve all of the happiness in the world.


Friday- Your emotions are tender and raw today. It may feel painful to be around crowds of people. There is nothing wrong per se, but your empathy is off the charts. Don't be afraid to cancel your plans and stay home if that is what your spirit needs.


Saturday- Nothing will get you further in life than gratitude. This is an important day to consider the people in your world who have influenced you the most. A phone call  or a note to of them is called for. If they are in heaven, just speak to them out loud. They will hear you.


Sunday- Everyone has a need to be heard and validated today. That can cause power struggles. This is not a good day to engage in online arguments and battles. Instead, be brave enough to respectfully hear and consider the opinions of others, particularly those whom you may oppose.