Domestic Mystics Daily Dish August 20th through 26th

Monday-  This is one of those days that seems to go flying by. While you may not get as much done as you were hoping to, you will enjoy trying. The energy today is light and easy.


Tuesday- Things just seem to be working in your favor right now. Both at work and at home, there is an easy energy that brings peace and cooperation. Stay present with it and enjoy this vibe. There is no reason to wait for the other shoe to fall.


Wednesday-  This will be an important day to check in with your own vibes. You may be feeling a little differently about a person or a situation than others around you. That doesn't make you wrong. Trust your gut and act accordingly. This is not a day to override your feelings.


Thursday-  You will likely be feeling bountiful today both financially and socially. Money is flowing to you easily and your needs are met. You have friends and a good support system in place. You deserve this kind of happiness after all.


Friday-  Today you have a creative fire burning within you. You may be feeling inspired to create something new. Don't be afraid to get messy and give it a go! You might even consider bringing a friend or two into the mix to have some fun together.


Saturday-  You're trying to be supportive to those around you, but today you may find yourself drawing back a little from those who are constantly in need of your support. That's okay. Sometimes, we all need a moment to replenish. You may also need to reevaluate who you are helping and why. If you find yourself resenting those who need you, it may be time to reestablish some boundaries.


Sunday- If there is somewhere you've been dreaming of going or something you have been dreaming of doing, this may very well be the day that you take the plunge. Now is the time for your passion to run wild. Text your crush, plan that trip or register for that class. Whatever it is, you can make anything happen when you put your mind to it.