Domestic Mystics Daily Dish August 27-September 2nd

Monday-  This is a very spiritual day. You will likely feel drawn towards study, conversations with like-minded friends and engaging in spiritual habits or activities. Don't be afraid to change things up a bit as you are drawn to.


Tuesday-  Change is in the air today. Don't let it make you feel insecure. As the late, great Louise Hay used to say, “I am safe it's only change.” Don't suffer in silence though, discuss your concerns with a trusted friend.


Wednesday- Mother Nature is calling! Make plans to spend some time outside today. This is a perfect day to be at one with the natural world. Take a walk or a hike, sit with a tree, work in your yard or maybe even spend some time beautifying or cleaning up trash and debris.


Thursday- There are positive changes rolling out in your relationships. Particularly romantic ones, but friendship as well. Better boundaries, stronger communication and true vulnerability is possible today and moving forward.


Friday-  You may find a role of leadership dropped in your lap today. It could be at work, in your community or at home.  While you may not have been looking for this opportunity it is still a good chance for you to show what you can do. Don't forget to drum up some teamwork and support.


Saturday-  An old vexing situation in your life changes meaning for you today, as you are seeing it through different eyes. Years, life experience and spiritual growth have all led you to this place. You will likely find yourself naturally slipping into a state of forgiveness, as you understand now why things were the way they were.


Sunday-  This is your opportunity to rest and rejuvenate this week. Check in with your body do decide what it is that you need to feel your very best. Is it possible that you need a massage, a change in nutrition or maybe just a great nap?  Whatever it is, don't hesitate to invest in yourself.