Domestic Mystic’s Daily Dish September 3rd-9th

Monday- This is a great day for learning something new. Don't be afraid to ask someone to share a bit of their expertise with you. Research, watching videos and hands on learning will all be of benefit to you.  On the flip side, if someone reaches out to you for a little help with your knowledge, share freely.


Tuesday- This is an interesting day for relationships. While you may find yourself strengthening some friendships and alliances, at the same time you may see some relationships hit a very rough patch. Remember that communication is the key to working out conflict. Sometimes it helps to invite a third party such as a counselor to help move through rough times.


Wednesday- This is a good day to heal an old rift or even take steps towards healing your  mind, body and spirit. Be real, raw and honest with others and yourself about what you need in order to truly heal. Investing in yourself now will pay off down the road when you need to be at your best.


Thursday-  You may be surprised today by the forgiveness that someone else is showing you. While you may have thought that this relationship was fractured to the point of no return, there is hope. Be willing to extend your own forgiveness towards others and yourself. Consider what boundaries may need to be redefined.


Friday- This is a lovely day of abundance. You will likely get some good financial news. Whether you get a larger than normal paycheck, sell something or get some relief on a financial obligation, you will be radiating and energy of abundance.


Saturday-  You may find yourself feeling impatient with everyone today. Whether it is the barista, the slow old lady in the crosswalk,  consider finding a way to be patient and kind. If it is you you are feeling impatient with, show yourself some compassion. Remember that you are truly doing the best you can.


Sunday- Surrender to a guilty pleasure today! Eat the whole carton of ice cream,  binge an entire season of The Golden Girls or do whatever else it is that feels amazing to you. Don't push too hard today. Give yourself permission to relax, take it easy and enjoy some good downtime.