Domestic Mystic’s Daily Dish September 10th-16th


Monday- All you need is love...well, today anyway. This is a sweet day of building friendships. Be sure to send a note, a coffee or a big bunch of flowers to a wonderful friend in your life. This is also a great day to mend broken friendships.


Tuesday-  Be careful with your words today. Don't let them run wild. At work, avoid gossip and do not confide in anyone that you do not explicitly trust. You may notice others over sharing with you as well.  This evening would be a great time for a good visit with like-minded friends.


Wednesday-  This is an important day to tie up loose ends. Complete projects that have been hanging over your head. Make the difficult calls, mail the bills and respond to the emails. There is a lot of energy in completing tasks today.


Thursday-  You need help! You have been trying to do everything yourself, and it is time to lay your pride aside and cry uncle. You may even be carrying some resentment for coworkers, committee members and family due to your workload. Diffuse that now, by being realistic about how much you can accomplish, and pass off some of your work.


Friday- This is a good day to put yourself in motion. Your body is craving some physical movement. It certainly doesn't have to be hard work. It should be fun. Consider hiking, swimming, dancing or even something more gentle like yoga or stretching. Whatever you do, have fun!


Saturday- There are no coincidences, at least not today. Pay attention to the synchronicities in your life. Magic abounds, and your manifestations are being heard. Be brave enough to talk to people showing up in your life. Be curious enough to ask why the same animals, symbols or numbers are showing up time and time again.


Sunday-  What is it that you have been dreaming of? Is it travel, a new relationship, a move or even a new job? Whether you would like to learn to swing on the trapeze or teach kindergarteners, your dreams are within your reach. Make a plan detailing the steps you will need to take to get there, and get going! It is time to follow your bliss!