Domestic Mystic’s Daily Dish September 24th-30th

Monday- It has been said that love shouldn't hurt. Sometimes though, it does. Today, you will find yourself aching for someone that you love. You have friends and family going through very difficult times, and your heart hurts for their suffering. Let this be a prompt to call or visit someone who could use your light today.


Tuesday-  They say that good things come to those who wait. While waiting may not be your strong suit, today, it is your only option. Have patience with yourself and others while you are waiting for something to happen. By the end of the day, you should feel some closure as some information has finally come to the surface.


Wednesday-  You will likely find too many cooks in the kitchen today. Everybody thinks that they need to be in charge. Rather than butt heads, keep your own head down and do your work. There is no reason to assert your ego into this mess. Challenges to authority will only result in frustration today.


Thursday-  While yesterday was full of clashes, today is full of peace and harmony. The same people that were jostling for control yesterday will be laughing over lunch together today.  It is a striking shift in energy. this is a great day to be of service to someone that you love.


Friday-  This is the best day for manifesting of the week. Be clear about what you want and know that you deserve it. You will likely receive some boost of abundance today. Be generous and share freely, as there is always enough.


Saturday-  This is your down day for the week. Make sure that you schedule a little time to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you sleep in until noon or binge-watch your favorite Halloween movies, taking some time to slow down is imperative for your mind, body and spirit.


Sunday-  It may feel like there is a disruption in the force today. In fact, you will likely have an unsettled feeling that you cannot put your finger on. All you know, is that something is not right. You may choose to check in with friends and family to be sure that everyone is okay. Ultimately though that energy is a feeling that impacts across the globe are carrying today. Send a blessing to the Earth and do your best to let it go.