Domestic Mystic Daily Dish October 1st-7th

Monday- Your plans may be disrupted today, as there are those around you who are in emergent need of your help. Be quick to set your work aside and jump in to help another. Others around you look to you for your, leadership and confidence.


Tuesday-  You may have to get creative today, as it seems like there are obstacles at every turn. Jump them, climb them or vaporize them. You are smarter, faster and bigger than any obstacle in your way.


Wednesday-  You have the world in the palm of your hand today. This is an excellent day for manifesting what you want. Your light shines so brightly that others cannot help but take a second look.


Thursday-  This is a great day to celebrate life. Spend some time around people who make you happy and consider doing a few things that spread joy for others. After all, you have everything that you need.


Friday-  There is good movement today on goals. You may get some good news at work or even some good news financially. This is a  a great day to inquire about a new job or a raise as well.


Saturday-  Some time outside will be crucial today. Nurture your connection to the Earth in order to get grounded and centered. Whether you take a hike or take a drive with the windows down, be sure to get some fresh air today.


Sunday-  You are so positive today that nothing could wipe that smile away. Your world feels like it is in balance and you couldn't be happier about it. Be sure to spread that light around, as others in your circle could use some of your fairy dust.