Domestic Mystic’s Daily Dish October 8th-15th

Monday- Today is going to push your boundaries. Be ready to stand your ground and honor your time. You may very well experience other people reorganizing your day with their plans for you.  There is nothing wrong with being helpful, but be sure that you honor your own needs too.


Tuesday-  Think before you speak today. Your words could get you in trouble. Recognize that not everyone around you has the same ideals. Meaningful dialogue may be difficult as tempers and egos are flaring.  Speak your truth if you must, but be aware that you will likely not change someone else's beliefs.


Wednesday-  This is one of those flat days that feels like nothing is happening. You may find yourself feeling bored, overly tired and uninspired. Be patient with yourself, that energy should lift by late afternoon and you will get your sparkle back.


Thursday-  You may find yourself thinking or even dreaming about an old love. Before you seek them out, stalk them on Facebook or send that text, let the day play out. It is most likely that your subconscious is working through some old feelings about this person and situation. This is not necessarily a premonition that you need to reconnect with this person.


Friday- This is the best day of the week for manifesting. There is a lot of energy in success and achievements. Pitch that book, write that proposal or ask for that raise. After all, you do deserve  all of the abundance under the sun.


Saturday- this is the most intuitive day of the week. Be sure not to neglect your spirit today. Some meditation, energy work and time outside are all called for. This would be a great day to give yourself the gift a card reading or even an automatic writing session.


Sunday- Put some focus on your root chakra today. Ground yourself by spending time outside, taking a sea salt bath and wearing or diffusing frankincense essential oil. The more grounded and centered you are today, the better the upcoming week will flow.