5 Wild Ways to Thrive in a Toxic Work Environment

Work, right? We all need income but it can so hard to thrive in toxic or hectic work environments. If you are coming home at the end of the day feeling completely wiped out, combative and emotionally exhausted, these tips are for you!

1- Play a drinking game!

With water, of course, this is work after all. The only time you can legit drink is at the Christmas Party and you don't need that kind of regret!


If you feel like you are going to throw a stapler the next time Barbara mentions her cats or Stacy complains about her husband, DRINK! Drinking plenty of water is great for your body and grounds you as well. Plus, you will have plenty of excuses to take a potty break. Everybody wins!


2- See yourself starring in a sitcom

Okay, so maybe this isn't an episode of The Office, but your boss definitely resembles Micheal Scott. You would be a great candidate for Jim style asides in front of the camera, deadpan explaining the latest office drama. 


Keeping things light, if only in your head,  helps you to avoid descending into the abyss of toxic sludge that some people bring to work with them. Their nonsense is actually about them and their issues much more than it is about you. 

3- Bring rocks to work

No, not to throw at people...though it may be tempting. Keeping crystals with you helps you to stay grounded, centered and can help clear you from the work grime. Some stones to consider:


Selenite- The Master Transmuter can transform Rick's bullshit into light. Totally necessary. 


Black Tourmaline- Grounds you, gives you an opportunity to focus on your own work without worrying about what others are doing. Eyes on your own paper!


Amethyst- Makes you feel good. Perfect, right? 


Green calcite- Might make you like people more. It can't hurt.


And of course, anything else that feels right to you. Keep them in your bra, on your desk or wherever you can access them when you want to. 

4- Bergamot Essential Oil

This French citrus oil is famous for being a mood stabilizer. If you can diffuse oils in your office, this is a winner. Whether you are stabilizing your mood or Kathy's ridiculous ass, bergamot is your girl!


If you cannot diffuse in your office, put a few drops on your pressure points or inhale straight from the bottle. You will be surprised how quickly you come back into balance. 


My favorite EO brand is Jade Bloom. You can purchase a bottle from them by clicking on the pic. Yes, I am an affiliate so I do benefit from that. Thank you! 

5- Pack your favorite lunch

You need something to look forward to, so bring food that nourishes you and makes you feel good. Be sure to label it as "liver and onions" in the office fridge so that nobody steals it from you.


That doesn't mean you should have Twinkies and Cheetos every day for lunch, of course. We are still forming good habits here. However, you should bring snacks and treats that you can look forward to. You spend way too many hours at work to neglect your body while you are there.