Why can't I get grounded?

If this has happened to you, this is a familiar story. You feel off, weird... not yourself. You are air headed and anxious with a brain that won't slow down. You think you know what is wrong. You are ungrounded! You've been here before, right? You know what to do. Perhaps you grab a dark crystal or slip into a sea salt bath. Maybe you kick off your shoes and head outside to connect your bare feet to earth. Maybe you meditate and perform some energy work to try to balance that root. All great grounding exercises, normally. But today, nothing helps. You are still swimming through fog, something is so off. So now what? 


I have seen this so many times in my clients. It is like a earthquake of sorts. Their root chakra ends up somewhat disconnected and shifted away from the rest of the energy body. Frequently, it looks like it has shifted a few feet to the right and out in front. It is tough to ground, when you are connecting to nothing. All the while, the crown is getting bigger because the root is not there to ground all of that energy out. 


Why does this happen? I have a few theories. Sometimes a natural disaster like an earthquake sends people out of place. Sometimes a big scare or shake up can cause it. And of course, sometimes there seems to be no answer at all. Empaths seem to be more prone to this issue, as it may not even be their shakeup that causes the root shift. 


The good news is, it is easily fixed. Once I can see where the root has shifted to, I can pull it back into place and set a new ground. I will immediately feel a let down of energy as all that has been building is sent into the ground. Clients frequently report that they feel much better right away. 


My advice is, don't suffer in silence. If you feel like you can't get grounded, let's talk. There is no reason to let this go on for days, feeling worse and worse.