Psychic Games

Psychic Games Last week, I hosted a Divination Panel over at I was joined by two lovely colleagues, Crisann Morgan and Caroline Nettle. We discussed all things divination and shared a few of our favorite techniques. You can listen to both hours of our panel here:


Part 1:

Part 2: 


This experience got me thinking about some of the psychic games that I used to play with my students and my own kids to help them develop their intuition.


Spoon Game


2 or more players Equipment needed: 1 spoon, 1 pendulum


To play: One person is chosen to be "it." That person holds the spoon blesses it with their energy, then leaves the spoon with the other players and exits the room. The other players hide the spoon somewhere in the room and invite the "it" player to return.


The it player attunes the pendulum to their energy and starts to ask questions about the spoon until they narrow down the location and find it. Alternatively, they may choose to hold the pendulum in front of them and walk carefully about the room, instructing the pendulum to swing when they are near the spoon.


When the spoon is found, the round is over, and a new "it" person can be chosen. The spoon should be cleared between each player.


This is a fun way to learn to use and trust a pendulum as well as your own intuition. 


The Psychic Card Trick


My former brother-in-law, loved card tricks. Once while we were camping, I devised this trick to try on him. It worked beautifully, and he was amazed and annoyed that it was truly magic. No actual trick!


Ask someone to pull a card out of an oracle or tarot deck. They should hold the card to their heart for a minute to attune it to their energy, memorize the card and return it to the deck without you looking at it.


Next, shuffle the deck well and split it into two piles. Hold your pendulum carefully over each pile, commanding the pendulum to swing widely when you are holding it over the pile with the card that the person helping you touched. When you are sure of the pile the card is in, discard the other cards and split that portion of the deck in half. Repeat the pendulum questions until you have the correct pile. Again, discard the other pile and split the correct one. Keep going until you have found the card that your helper touched.


This game may take a bit of practice but it is a fantastic way to master the use of a pendulum.