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28. August 2017
A few years ago, my sister asked me to check in on her German Shepherd, as she seemed to be ill. The first thing that she blurted out was, “I REALLY miss Rosie!” Rosie was another dog in their home, who had passed away 6 months or so prior. We were surprised to hear that because they were not companions and didn’t even act like they liked each other, and yet, there it was. She was in pain, from arthritis and in deep grief that had not been acknowledged...

06. August 2017
McDoggies? McNo! In a recent visit with our vet, he was telling me about a terribly overweight lab he has been treating with joint problems. He asked the dog’s owner if he was getting table food. She denied that completely, swearing that he was only getting his diet dog food, and that was it! On the way out the door, when she thought vet was out of earshot, she crooned to her baby, “You’ve had a hard day! Come on, honey, let’s go get you some chicken nuggets!”