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25. March 2018
Life is ever changing, of that we can be sure. In our human minds, it is easy to justify changes, as we think in a series of consequences. Moving, changes in jobs, routines, divorces, etc. are all things that can cause a lot of upheaval in our lives. As an animal communicator, I often see pets suffering through changes with a great deal of confusion. If you have animal companions, these changes can have a profound effect on them.

04. February 2018
Anyone who has a cat knows that puke warfare is a thing. So are piss rockets and poop guns. Cats will use their bodily fluids as a showstopping way to get your attention. Ew. I know. But it works! I have a cat client with a bowel disease who poops in the dining room to make sure her family knows that she is ill again. It is gross, and they wish she would not do it, but it sure does get the message across.

27. January 2018
When I was a kid, I had a cousin named Eric who adored creepy crawly things. The only thing he loved more than all of his critters was making everyone else uncomfortable with them. If you were willing to hold his snakes, geckos, rats etc, then you were cool. If you weren't, he would harass you with them until you were. Every one of his critters was named Leroy. He pronounced it in various ways. Heavy on the Leeeee-roy. A subtle Lee with an accented Roy. You get it...

21. January 2018
I live near Yellowstone Park. Because of that, I have grown up hearing all kinds of stories about the wolves the bison and all of the controversies. Did you know that if bison stray out of the Park that they can be euthanized? It's true. They are not welcome to wander the range as their ancestors did...

24. September 2017
Epigenetics has gotten to be a large and fascinating study of human DNA. Scientists have discovered that trauma can result in scars on your DNA that can be inherited by your posterity. It is fascinating and useful information. For example, children born to mothers that lived through Chernobyl were much more likely to have anxiety disorders than other children their age. I believe that the same principles apply to the DNA of animals.

17. September 2017
It is a compelling question. Do animals have past life memories? I believe that animals have many many past lives. If that is the case, then wouldn't they have past life memories coming to the surface sometimes? I believe that they do. Have you ever had a dog who had an irrational fear? Perhaps he was terrified of water but you couldn't ever place him having a horrible experience with water. Perhaps he reacts very strongly to getting in the car...

10. September 2017
About a week ago I noticed a little white footed tabby cat running around our neighborhood near my house. He is a kitten, but not a tiny baby. At least 12 weeks old. This kitten decided that he lives at my house. He started darting through our legs when the door would open coming in the house purring, meowing, rubbing up against our legs. He even started sneaking in open windows and sleeping in people's beds. We don't have any cats...

12. August 2017
We think about air quality in our homes for ourselves, but have you considered the air quality needs of the animals who live there? It's a no brainer that second hand smoke is not good for them, but what else?

06. August 2017
McDoggies? McNo! In a recent visit with our vet, he was telling me about a terribly overweight lab he has been treating with joint problems. He asked the dog’s owner if he was getting table food. She denied that completely, swearing that he was only getting his diet dog food, and that was it! On the way out the door, when she thought vet was out of earshot, she crooned to her baby, “You’ve had a hard day! Come on, honey, let’s go get you some chicken nuggets!”